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Hello! I'm Katie (she/her). I've been practicing Soma Structural Integration since 2016 and have always been passionate about health and wellness, the relationship between the body and mind, and helping people feel better through intentional touch.

My personal journey to Soma was driven by my experience as a highly sensitive young person, coupled with a handful of not-so-supportive medical/health incidents which created a lot of confusion, anxiety, and distrust in (and with) my body. As I tried to make sense of my overwhelming physical and emotional experiences, I started gathering information about physiology and anatomy, movement and exercise, nutrition, meditation/mindfulness, and eventually massage therapy, psychology, nervous system regulation, polyvagal theory, somatic awareness...and the list goes on. 

I think most wellness professionals arrive at their practices out of personal necessity, and I am no exception. Fortunately, now I get to apply everything I've learned (and everything I keep learning) to help guide my clients on their own journeys to physical and emotional awareness, peak athletic performance, and holistic wellbeing. Since graduating from the Soma Institute, I have completed a Certificate in Somatic Psychotherapy & Practices, advanced training in pelvic floor and craniofacial release, continuing education on movement, fascia, and the nervous system, two workshops on accessibility and diversity, and several Vipassana silent meditation retreats.

Outside of Soma, I help manage a large-scale, immersive art studio and private event venue. I am one of the now-rare Seattle natives (technically I grew up in Sammamish, via Austin for my first year), and I received my BA in anthropology & religion from Gettysburg College, PA. I have worked at a ski resort in Colorado, a tech company, an art consulting firm, and for a few exciting years I managed, taught, and trained at a circus arts school, which is where I first discovered Soma. I love dancing, skiing, running, sunshine, animals, the ocean, being upside down, making art, slowing down, and learning how to be a healthy human in the 21st century.  


Certified Soma Practitioner (Soma Institute of Structural Integration, 2016)

Licensed Massage Therapist (MA #60679690)

Advanced Training in pelvic floor & craniofacial release (SISI, 2018)

Certification in Somatic Psychotherapy & Practices (Antioch, 2022)
Ethics of Diversity workshop (Gracielx Lopez, 2023)

Deep Dive into Accessibility workshop (Seattle Cultural Accessibility Consortium, 2023)

Additional Continuing Education: 
applied polyvagal theory, fascia & movement (Gil Hedley),

functional movement, and vipassana meditation (Spirit Rock, CA)

About Me: About
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