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Katie is amazing! I have been suffering with shoulder, back and hip issues for years and have never found anything that was more than a temporary fix. My Physical Therapist recommended I reach out to Katie and I am so happy with the outcome. When we first met we discussed my issues and goals, along with different approaches. I chose to do the soma series. During this process I not only saw and felt a difference in my body, but I also learned how and why certain things were bothering me. Katie would send helpful readings after each session that helped me understand why we did what we did. This also showed me how I could further improve actions on a daily basis to strengthen the work we were doing in sessions. After a decade of severe pain I am finally at a place where I feel comfortable with myself again. I still have work to do to reach my goals and I look forward to continuing to work with Katie to get there.

RC, age 40+

I am so thankful for everything Katie did to help my daughter regain her health and mobility. She was part of a team that has a special place in my heart and I can't believe how far my daughter's health as progressed in a positive direction as a result.

Mother of NS, age 13

My experience with Rolfing started back in the late 70’s. Several years ago I was introduced to Soma Institute where students were in training and I became one of Katie's models as she learned the series. From the beginning her touch was effective and gentle. When she graduated I continued seeing her, and I have now gone through the whole series three times with her. She keeps my body feeling flexible and strong. I just feel so good after she works on me!

MG, age 70+

Prior to my first Soma session, I had been experiencing chronic lower back issues, sciatic nerve pain, and limited range of motion for several months as a result of a sports injury. Fast forward one Soma series later, my back is pain free and I've made a return to my active lifestyle. Katie also improved my overall alignment and balance throughout my body, including fixing my anterior pelvic tilt, disengaging my legs, and opening up my shoulders. My biggest takeaway however is that Katie and Soma helped equip me with a new sense of awareness and understanding of my physical health. The series was a positive investment in myself. Katie is an excellent practitioner who truly cares for her clients and I would highly recommend her to anyone.

AW, age 25+

Soma made a big difference with our son!! After two sessions, he is running more upright, complaining less of muscle pain, and performed really well at Ultimate Frisbee HS Nationals this past weekend. We appreciate Katie!!

Mother of TS, age 16

As a movement practitioner and teacher, I find body work to be one of the best tools for being able to affect positive change in the human body. Working with Katie through the sessions went way above my expectations. Katie is highly skilled and knowledgable at her craft, and her sensitivity to my nervous system, understanding of the fascial structures, and almost-psychic hands, did wonders to my posture, gait, and range of motion. I left each session feeling integrated, calm, and like I just had a mild psychedelic experience. If you thought a typical massage was good, you are in for a whole new world, when you try structural integration. Katie was able to find my blind spots and address them, which I am immensely grateful for. I now refer students to Katie constantly, and I don't give referrals lightly. Katie is a wonderful human, who can provide immense benefits to anyone whether they are looking to have less pain, increase mobility, or a more integrated body. I highly encourage you to sign up and experience a session for yourself, you will be glad you did!

TW, age 30

Katie has been the best massage provider I have found. She does a great job truly assessing your needs (both what you say and what she sees) and creating a treatment plan that addresses her findings. Not only did she fix the issue I came to see her about, but has also had a huge impact on some other on-again-off-again issues. As a physical therapist and EMT myself, I happily recommend Katie to anyone working through physical challenges who wants to fix the root issue.

AS, age 30+

Katie is knowledgeable and has a healing touch. She is adaptable to her client’s needs and is a gentle spirit one can trust.

CM, age 60+

A full Soma series with Katie has made a major difference in my upper body posture and particularly in my shoulders. It's entirely too easy these days to acquire a perpetual "hunched over the computer" look, and not necessarily very easy to undo. Katie's Soma work has helped me find a better, more comfortable "neutral" resting position, and significantly increased my awareness when I fall into movement patterns that reinforce my old habits. I highly recommend Katie's work, especially in combination with other active movement training!

JW, age 45+

Katie is an incredibly attuned and talented practitioner. After several sessions with her, I felt so much more space and movement accessible to me within my body! She truly takes a detail-oriented, holistic approach to care. She is kind, compassionate and works to create a safe space for her clients. I recommend her for anyone seeking greater freedom in their body, relief from pain, or even just those seeking a fantastic massage.

SR, age 30+

Katie's passion for people, movement and the healing arts is apparent in her work. She guided me through the Soma 11-Series with enthusiasm, care, and professionalism. Soma is a wonderful modality that views each client as a unique and whole individual. It engages your entire body as well as your mind, leaving you feeling a greater sense of connectedness, balance and ease. I enjoyed my time with Katie so much that I decided to study Structural Integration at the Soma Institute a few years later and am now, myself, a Certified Soma Practitioner. I highly recommend working with Katie for pain relief, stress conditions, or if you simply want to move more freely in gravity.

JH, age 40+

I'm excited to be able to write Katie a testimonial as I just completed the Soma series. Simply put Katie is great. She is such a strong personal advocate, knowledgeable in her craft and truly is genuine in her approach. Katie was trained by some of the best in the industry and it's easy to see how she's been able to adapt fundamental knowledge, but also make it her own. Katie is thoughtful and has helped research things on her own because she is passionate about what she does. I recommend Katie to anyone interested in learning more about the Soma series or medical massages in general.

JK, age 35+

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