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​Gift cards available in any amount

Give your loved one, friend, or colleague the gift of holistic healing and stress relief. Email or call to purchase, and choose either a printable emailed gift certificate or a handmade physical card, mailed anywhere you like.



~90 minutes - $175/session
11-session series - $1860 (paid in advance)

Soma is typically experienced in a series of 11 sessions, each building upon the last to systematically work through the body to release fascial adhesions, increase body awareness and control, decrease pain and tension, and restore structural balance and ease in body and mind. Sessions are usually scheduled one to three weeks apart. The series is a great path for unwinding painful compensations due to posture, injury, or daily movement patterns, as well as exploring how stress and trauma can be held and trapped in the body. 
(Session length varies but is 90 minutes on average. Each session has a specific focus and intention, and I prefer to cater to the individual rather than be fixated on a strict length of time. Some sessions are closer to 75 minutes, and some are closer to 2 hours.)



60 minutes - $125  //  90 minutes - $175
2 hours - $240  //  2.5 hours - $320

For clients who have acute issues or have already gone through the series, treatment sessions can address specific tension and injuries, or provide ongoing maintenance as needed. They apply all the same techniques as the Soma series sessions, just in a more customized, individual package (as opposed to the systematic, deep-dive of the series). Sessions are available in several lengths to accommodate different needs and preferences.

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90 minutes - $175

Somassage® is a full-body tune-up, utilizing Soma-specific techniques to increase circulation, tissue hydration, mobility, somatic awareness, and general wellbeing. It is great as an introduction to Soma, or for clients who don't have acute issues but want to continue expanding their wellness journey and exploring their relationship with their body.



60 minutes - $125

Being With the Body uses concepts and tools from somatic psychotherapy, polyvagal theory, emotional intelligence, trauma-informed practices, and mindfulness/meditation to explore the body with curiosity and acceptance. Clients are given a safe space to discuss physical and emotional challenges or experiences, while being guided to notice how these show up in their senses, behaviors, impulses, and thoughts. This allows the body to speak through the mind, but also allows the mind to speak through the body (which is often overlooked).

This approach can be helpful for clients who struggle with:

body acceptance, physical or emotional trauma (big or small), feelings of depression or anxiety, chronic pain, setting boundaries, frequent emotional overwhelm, lack of physical/emotional awareness, discomfort or difficulty receiving touch, or mysterious physical symptoms/syndromes that seem to appear out of nowhere.

This work is more hands-off, though table work may be included if it is helpful.

I endeavor to make this work accessible while still supporting myself in this ever-inflating city. I don't want to turn anyone away for lack of funds. Please don't hesitate to reach out if you would like to discuss a sliding scale, bulk discounts, or other payment options. Discounts are also available to students, active military, veterans, firefighters, law enforcement, and first responders/EMTs.

For full transparency, you can expect my rates to increase ~3% annually following inflation. 

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